Eggs ideal for boiling
These eggs come from hens that roam freely in our barns. Each morning, out of the entire production, we select those with the hardest shell, which make them ideal for hard cooking. These eggs come from our young pullets!

BARN Eggs are produced by chickens that roam freely in our purpose-built barns. They are preferred for their flavor and artisanal production process.


You want to give children every day a certified fresh egg with all the nutrients necessary for their development. Marked with laying date on the shell,
EXTRA FRESH Eggs are shipped to the stores within one day from collection in our farms in Ypato and Kalyvia. They are stamped with herbal ink to certify freshness. Like all our eggs they come from hens whose feed intake contains top-quality cereals, a unique recipe we apply since 1960. This diet ensures the quality and flavor egg you have been enjoying all these years.


Corn-fed VLACHAKIS BARN Eggs were designed with the authentic flavors and savors of the Greek land in mind. These eggs are produced by hens that breed and roam freely our barns –the traditional chicken coops- and feed mainly with maize, like in the old times.


Vitamin-D & Olive Oil eggs by VLACHAKIS EGGS are produced by our hens that breed and roam freely in our barns – the traditional chicken coops and their nutrition is rich in olive oil.