Production Operation

From the moment a VLACHAKIS egg is born till it reaches the marketplace, it embarks on a small journey in a highly rigorous, solid, rapid, and most importantly, safe and hygienic environment. This top-quality process is inextricable in the day-to-day activities of all of us in VLACHAKIS EGGS and guarantees our reputation of a trustworthy egg supplier.

All our hens are bred and fed with GMO free, quality feed such as maize, wheat, barley and other cereals. VLACHAKIS Eggs are produced in closely inspected facilities for optimum nutritional content.

Collecting is daily and fully automated.

All eggs undergo automated candling. This mechanically operated process is integral to food safety as it ensures good and high-quality shell eggs. Completely integrated automation, barring human intervention, thoroughly monitors each egg separately to certify prime quality control.

Grading is automated and is based on weight and size. Eggs are placed according to carton styles and options.

We transport VLACHAKIS Eggs to retailers in our owned fleet of refrigerator trucks.

Eggs are shipped to the stores within one day from collection.