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Delicate and perfect in form, eggs are a food registered in sensory memory with ample love, linked to both taste and emotion, traced back to the first spoonful of velvety, soft-boiled, runny egg yolk that opened the gates to taste, that first food which followed milk in our childhood. Beyond symbolism and emotions however, eggs, together with milk, rank at the top of daily nutrition as one of the two fundamentals containing a full array of vitamins and minerals for building muscle and growing-up. Their high nutritional content-indispensable for reproduction, first in order in the cycle of life- offer exceptionally high levels of strength and energy for a food so small in size.


The Identity of Eggs Eggs are top listers in our nutrition. Slandered in the past, eggs today have consolidated their universal use in our daily choice of food, triumphantly attesting the important contribution of their nutritional value for our health.