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Our Philosophy

«The Egg Today Like in the Old Days»

This is our philosophy and we make it a reality by focusing solely on egg production.

We deliver good eggs for over fifty years.

We design our products based on the principles of nutritional value and high quality.

We love nature and its products; we respect animals, environment and our consumers. We work diligently; tapping the knowledge and expertise over the years we combine it with innovation aiming at providing consumers today with a modern product equal to that which older generations savored on a smaller scale.

The founder

Constantinos Vlachakis, an agronomist with a degree from Davis University of California, started Vlachakis Company in 1960. He spent many years in poultry nutrition research himself following closely the global trends in egg production. He introduced new technology, applied new systems in poultry breeding (based on herbal diet) and ameliorated facilities by providing ventilation thus significantly contributing to the further development of poultry farming and egg industry in Greece.

Constantinos Vlahakis, founder of Vlachakis Eggs in 1960

The People

Our workforce of 60 qualified employees is employed in two areas: Production and Management.

Our production farms are in Ypato and Kalyvia: In Ypato we produce the main bulk of our eggs; in Kalyvia we produce only organic farming eggs.

Production staff comprises animal feed specialists, veterinarians, engineers and supervisors. Management consists of Research and Development, Sales, Accounting & Finance and Marketing Departments.

Despite how much our company has grown over the last years, we honor the same values: Love for nature and its resources, environmental awareness, respect for our consumers and striving for sustainability. We at Vlachakis Eggs share common vision and goals:

  • Always operate as a reliable and motivated company.
  • Offer our consumers optimum quality products.
  • Follow closely on our commitment for improving the living conditions of layers by conserving and enhancing our environment.